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Blog Fail

Well so much for posting information about stuff I came across during the Fitivity project… The project went on much longer than originally expected, and there are still more updates in progress! Parse lived up to all the hype that I originally had for it and then some. If you are interested in downloading the app you can check it out here: App Store.

In other news, my newest project called “Gender Wars” is about 90% completed. It also is using Parse for the backend, and all that is left is to finish up the in-app purchase and the graphics. I don’t want to give too much away about it yet, but it will be a free app that hopefully will be available in late January.


Fitivity App

Today marked the kickoff of the new iOS project for a company called Fitivity. I am working on a team of developers to develop this app (which is a first for me). The app is designed to help people socially connect while being fit and taking part in fitness activities. I am excited to take on this project since it is a big one, and I am sure I will learn a bunch from it.

One thing that they use is a backend service called Parse. While looking into it today, I was shocked that I had never heard of it before. Simply put, it is the best backend management system for mobile applications I have ever seen – AND most of the features to an extent are free! I immediately started to integrate this service into my own apps for push notifications and data management.

This project will be going over the next two months, so I hope to post any findings I have here and any other miscellaneous information.