Fitivity App

Today marked the kickoff of the new iOS project for a company called Fitivity. I am working on a team of developers to develop this app (which is a first for me). The app is designed to help people socially connect while being fit and taking part in fitness activities. I am excited to take on this project since it is a big one, and I am sure I will learn a bunch from it.

One thing that they use is a backend service called Parse. While looking into it today, I was shocked that I had never heard of it before. Simply put, it is the best backend management system for mobile applications I have ever seen – AND most of the features to an extent are free! I immediately started to integrate this service into my own apps for push notifications and data management.

This project will be going over the next two months, so I hope to post any findings I have here and any other miscellaneous information.


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