Continued Documentation & SSH Key Problems

I have pretty much finished documenting the scripts in the testcases directory for EUTester. My next directory that I decided to move to was the Eucaops directory. I was able to go through the scripts in the directory and comment what they do in the headers, but for some reason I now get an error when trying to push my changes to the repository. After some googling, I figured out that GitHub had suspended my SSH key because they believed there was some weird behavior tied to it. I then had to create a new SSH key and tie it to my GitHub account. As of this point, GitHub still does not allow me to push changes giving me the error “Permission Denied (Public Key)”.

The GitHub help website ( suggests testing your connection with: $ ssh -T (which does work for me). I am able to connect to GitHub and have it recognize me and my rsa key, but I still get the error when trying to push to our fork of eutester. I am going to continue to look into this issue over the weekend so that we can get the changes merged.



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