EUTester Documentation

This week a new project was created based on my previous post for documenting EUTester. I was finally able to get in touch with Vic Iglesias – who is the main contributor to EUTester. He was thrilled to hear that we were willing to help with documentation. He joked that documenting code wasn’t his strong suite. Thankfully Clark Mattew – another contributor – had already laid out a document on the GitHub project on how to document in code which Vic sent me to ( Vic told me that he would try to be available for the EUTester group if we needed any help with documenting or using the tool.

Since I will be away this weekend, I won’t be able to do any further digging in the code unfortunately, but hope to pick up the project next week. I am also going to look into forking the GitHub project for EUTester so that Vic can easily review and merge any of our changes. The only request that Vic had (which I posted on our EUTester wiki page) is that we make individual commits for each method that you are document so that it will be easier for him to go through. I know Matt said he would be interested in joining this project, so we will also have to figure out how we are going to break up the code.

On another note this is the first time that I have used IRC (outside of class) to communicate with people of the project. I have watched the channel before, but it was cool to jump in there and talk to people. The group was very helpful – especially when I tried to talk to Vic at 10:30AM EST, they pointed out he was on the west coast and wouldn’t be awake for a while most likely.


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